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Apparently Some Taylor Swift Fans Are Wearing Diapers to the Eras Tour

May 05, 2023May 05, 2023

There's dedication as a fan and then there's...this. Apparently, some Taylor Swift fans are proving they will not risk letting literally anything—not even their own bodily functions—make them miss even a few precious moments of T.S. bliss and are therefore wearing adult diapers to the Eras Tour.

Not kidding. Not even a little.

TikTok channel @screenshothq reported on the Swifties making this bold life choice, which they are declaring proudly on the internet, sometimes complete with videos of them putting on said diapers under Eras wear like gold fringe dresses (which is appropriate because clearly, these people are Fearless in their fandom).

"Would you wear a diaper at a concert so you don't miss a thing?" @screenshothq asks, beginning the video with the question we all need to be asking ourselves (I guess?).

Discussing one of the videos, which features two female fans diapering each other up for the show, the host explains that not all commenters think this is a reasonable thing for most adults attending a concert—even one with a three-hour main set—to do. (FWIW, it's possible the original poster has had second thoughts about the decision, since their TikTok account appears to have been deleted.)

"There are a lot of commenters that have been calling them out for not being able to hold it for three hours," she explains.

Some fans with special circumstances (like those who might be pregnant and feeling the urge to pee more frequently/urgently than most of the comment critics, for example), are doubling down to defend the decision, while most Swifties who aren't planning to wear diapers just seem to be planning in advance which songs they'd be least devastated to miss if a bathroom break is needed.

"One concert goer who is pregnant has debated and defended her choice to wear an adult diaper as she has to pee every 30 minutes," @screenshothq explains in their video. "There's a Reddit thread titled, 'What are your Eras Tour bathroom break songs?' that has over 400 comments—the best comment being, 'If Taylor Swift doesn't need a bathroom break, then I don't.' But, we get it. In the time it takes to go to the bathroom, you could have missed an album announcement, special guest stars like Ice Spice, Jack Antonoff, even Phoebe Bridgers, or even some hidden gems in the surprise songs. International Swifties still haven't forgiven Taylor for playing 'Getaway Car' in New York."

Oh, and for the record, this trend has apparently been quietly going on for most of the Eras Tour. TikTok user @therealkatherine posted about her plans to wear an adult diaper to one of the Houston shows back in April.

"The amount of stress and time it took me to get Taylor Swift tickets, I will be getting an adult diaper because I am not missing a minute of it," she explained in a video—in which she graciously offered to share the remaining adult diapers from her purchase with any other Houston fans in need.

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